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Approximately two in three Australians will develop a skin cancer by age 70. In Australia, skin cancer accounts for around 80% of all newly diagnosed cancers.

The majority of skin cancers identified are basal cell carcinoma or squamous cell carcinoma – these skin cancers are referred to as non-melanoma skin cancers. Melanoma is less common than non-melanoma skin cancer, but is still a major issue in Australia. Australians have an approximately 1 in 18 lifetime risk of developing melanoma.

In Tasmania melanoma is the third most common skin cancer in women and forth most common cancer in men. We sadly lose 30-50 people in Tasmania each year to melanoma.

The majority of skin cancer is linked to cumulative sun exposure or sunburn episodes. In Tasmania our ultraviolet radiation level is often high or extreme. In Tasmania, it is not uncommon to have significant sun damage in early adult life.

All Tasmanian over 18 years should consider having a full skin check. Irrespective of age, any skin lesion that is obviously changing or has developed symptoms should be reviewed by a doctor.

If diagnosed and treated early, both non-melanoma skin cancer and melanoma skin cancer is nearly 100% curable. Depending on the type and stage of skin cancer many treatment options exist. Some skin cancers are now treatable with non-surgical methods including cryotherapy (application of liquid nitrogen), medical cream treatments or photodynamic therapy (a type of medical light therapy).

Some skin cancers require surgical treatment, but the majority of this treatment can be completed in a day clinic, outside of hospital.

The Bathurst Street Skin Cancer Clinic is now open at 71 Bathurst Street in central Hobart. Our skin cancer doctor, Dr Delfin Sansom is passionate about offering quality and accessible care in Tasmania. Dr Delfin Sansom has years of experience in skin cancer medicine and are trained in the prevention, early detection and treatment of skin cancer. Dr Sally Peacock will also be providing skin checks from late April 2021.

The standard fee for a skin check is $165.00 and is the best value for a 30 minute skin check with specialised equipment.

At The Bathurst Street Skin Cancer Clinic our doctors screen patients using the "Fotofinder" system. Fotofinder is the leading mole-mapping, dermoscopy and mole analysis technology, allowing comparison and follow-up of high quality images. This enables our doctors to detect even the earliest changes in moles, assessing them for malignancy, and preventing unnecessary surgery.

The Bathurst Street Skin Cancer Clinic offers skin checks, skin spot reviews, non-surgical treatments and surgical treatments for skin cancer. For more information visit Bathurst Street Skin Cancer Clinic website.

We are open and currently accepting new patients. Please contact our reception team if you have any questions or if would like to book an appointment please call 1800 25 24 36.

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